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The Problem:  Many people who have a financial advisor won't be able to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement because their advisor is really a "sales agent." They:


  • Sell insurance and other financial products that pay them commissions. Accepting commissions from insurance companies and other financial institutions REQUIRES BY LAW that these people act in the best interest of their employer...NOT in your best interest.


  • Are biased in their advice because their loyalties lie with the large financial institutions that provide their paychecks. This conflict of interest diminishes their ability to give you objective advice.


  • Are trained to subtly (or aggressively if necessary) sell their employer's products. Many are required to meet selling quotas that can affect the advice they give you.


These pitfalls can result in bad financial advice that erodes the assets you're accumulating for retirement.

The Solution: Only trust the advice of an Objective Financial Advisor. Find out why here.



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