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What is an Objective Financial Advisor?

Some of the characteristics of an Objective Financial Advisor are:


  • They are independent Registered Investment Advisors. Federal and State law REQUIRES that they "act solely in the best interests of their clients at all times."


  • They never sell insurance or other financial products. They will act as a "quarterback" and may refer you to specialists  who sell insurance, but an Objective Financial Advisor never receives compensation for financial products sold, including commissions or "kick-backs." Their loyalties lie exclusively with their clients because they're compensated solely by their clients.


  • They have NO incentives, tangible or intangible, to recommend a particular investment or financial product to their clients.


  • Their clients' assets are always held in separate accounts in the client's name. Their clients can sleep well at night, knowing that their hard earned money is not in the hands of someone who will embezzle their money.


In addition to these 4 characteristics, there are 11 other factors that should be considered before you trust an advisor with your financial future.




Gain Certainty About Who to Trust with Your Money:

 15 Questions You MUST ask a Financial Advisor

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